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What’s with the Sunday shop?

Food, beverage and grocery manufacturing is the largest sector in Australian manufacturing, with a $127.1 billion annual turnover [1]. The long-honoured Australian tradition “The Sunday Shop” is one key reason why this sector continues to impress. Heading down to the local (or not so local) Woolies or Coles, to stock up for the week, what makes it a staple in so many of our schedules?

Perhaps it’s fighting the crowds during the busiest trading period of their week or the 15 aisles, specifically designed to draw you into the high margin, high carbohydrate products containing centre rows. Maybe it’s the struggle with automatic check out tills, replacing what was once many young Australians’ first job, with a more cost efficient (if not more annoying alternative). It could be the trolley with the dodgy wheel, or that lovely piece of leftover unidentified green leaf thing stuck to the bottom of the basket. Something about this ritual keeps us coming back week after week.

An Australian Food News research survey showed that over 14 million Australians do a “main shop” at a large grocery store once a week, that’s over 80% of all Australian households [2]. COVID has done nothing to break our addiction, only leading us through a vicious cycle of panic shops, hoarding, wasting, repeating. Many Australians now use the grocery shop as an excuse to break their lockdown protocols as a chance to get back outside [3].

Online shopping of course experienced a boom during this period, but what’s interesting is that this boom has mainly been seen in other consumer goods and not specifically groceries. In store grocery shopping (specifically at Coles & Woolies) unsurprisingly also increased in this time.

So maybe the problem is with the online grocery shopping experience. To really change Australian shopping habits, the theory is that online grocery shopping has to offer the same range of great products, at the same prices, truly on demand. What does on demand really mean? It means the goods have to arrive at your door so fast you’d think they were teleported to you.

At VOLY we are the first player to test this theory in the Australian market.. Offering a range of products out of our pilot store in Surry Hills, we are promising delivery in less than 15 minutes. We know we can fulfill this promise, the question is could we cause a shift in the future of Australian grocery shopping habits? Only time, and you the consumer, can tell.

Visit us at getvoly.com to follow our journey (or join it).


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