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Reliability is the New Convenience

Mark Heath


As a tech-savvy millennial (and a lazy one at that!), I figured I’d be all over grocery delivery. Unfortunately I could never make it fit into my life. The next day delivery windows were something that felt like more of a chore to schedule than just going to the shops. Worse, when I did make the time I had the same issue I have when a plumber comes around - “we’ll be there sometime in a 5hr window and if you dare not be home, your order’s going straight back to the warehouse”. 

In building VOLY, we’ve tried to keep this experience in mind. No one wants to fit their life around chores. Nor does anyone want to stack all of their shopping in 1 order and hope their veggies don’t go slimy by the time they need to use them. We know grocery delivery can be a super useful part of life and we’re proving that the key is reliability.

Delivering in 15 minutes might sound like a gimmick but when look at through the lens of reliability, it makes sense. 15 minuites lets you order between Zoom meetings and doesn't leave you worrying you'll need to run to the door mid-call. It allows you to grab a missing ingredient in the middle of cooking. It also allows you to deal with whatever cleaning task, unexpected guest or late-night craving has popped up in your life when it happens.

To us, 15 minute delivery means you don't have to plan or make time for your groceries. The once chore you had to schedule for gets swapped for ordering when you actually need something. Our customers seem pretty keen on this, with over 10% ordering 2+ times per week. We are too and we look forward to brining the VOLY experience to more areas across the country.