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Recipe: Bloody Mary Popsicle

This summer treat for the adults sitting poolside is both refreshing and naughty. For an added kick, combine chilli flakes and salt together to make a margarita salt to dust your finished treats before serving. Don't have a popsicle holder? Make do with a cupcake tray or mugs.


1 1/2 cups Bloody Mary Mix
1/3 Cup Vodka
Tabasco, to taste
1 lime, thinly sliced
6 celery sticks, 7cm long
6 popsicle sticks
Popsicle holder


  1. Combine Bloddy Mary Mix & Vodka in a cocktail shaker or blender and mix well. Add Tabasco sauce to taste and blend.
  2. Pour into your popsicle holder leaving 2cm at the top free.
  3. Slide lime slice into middle of each popsicle and freeze for 20 mins. Place celery and popsicle stick in the middle and freeze for a further 90 mins or until set.
  4. Run holder under warm water for 1-2 mins until popsicles slide out. Dust with margarita salt (if using) and enjoy!